HomeFront's Team Model

Teams of home repair volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without their support, the HomeFront program could not exist. This annual event is conducted the first weekend in May.

The three building blocks of a successful HomeFront team:

  1. Volunteer Teams are generally 15 to 40 volunteers strong, comprised of caring individuals, willing to roll up their sleeves to make a difference in someone’s life. Volunteers may be skilled or unskilled in home repairs, but the best teams offer a mix of both.
  2. Leadership is the second key to a successful team experience. Groups must identify at least two people to serve as House Captain and Volunteer Coordinator. Some teams also have an assistant House Captain.
  3. Sponsorship Donation is an additional team requirement and helps us to cover building material and service costs.

On average, each project costs HomeFront $7,000. Only a small portion is funded through a team contribution. The program is fueled by support from individuals, grantors and foundations, as well as product and service donors.

Team Leadership

House Captain This is the team leader in charge of prioritizing HomeFront Day tasks, ordering materials in the weeks leading up to HomeFront Day, and overseeing the physical labor and safety of the volunteers at their project site. This person may, but need not, be a skilled contractor, as long as the individual has some knowledge of home repairs.

Volunteer Coordinator — This is the team’s primary cheerleader, someone who can identify and recruit good team members and keep them motivated. This individual will serve as liaison between the team and homeowner and will work closely with the house captain. The coordinator need not possess any special knowledge of the building trades.

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