Why Give

Contributions are always needed to support our efforts. HomeFront seeks outstanding organizations to partner with us in our effort to make the program even more impactful each year by allowing us to take on additional and more construction-intensive repair projects. Doing so requires an infusion of capital to cover such things as roofing, millworks, furnace replacements and waste management. These types of professional services often require payment from HomeFront, albeit at significantly reduced rates.

Several key reasons to donate to HomeFront:


HomeFront Maintains Low Overhead

Donor product and dollars go directly to help those in need. AmeriCares has always maintained a low administrative overhead—consistently under 2% since its inception in 1982.

At HomeFront, Your Gift Goes Far

Each $2,500 contribution allows HomeFront to improve a homeowner’s property value by $13,000. That’s a better than a five-fold increase!

HomeFront Has a Reliable Distribution Network With A Proven Track Record

In the 29 years since its inception, HomeFront has delivered more than $40 million worth of building products and services to deserving homeowners throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, New York.

HomeFront Has No Hidden Handling Costs

HomeFront distributes all donated product free-of-charge, with no hidden handling or service charges to either the donor or the end recipient. HomeFront requests that donor companies pay for the transportation of donated supplies to our warehouses. These transportation costs are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

HomeFront Offers Your Company Public Relations Advantages

All public relations activities which make mention of specific donor companies are conducted with the full cooperation of the donor company.

Donor companies may receive the following public relations benefits from their partnership with HomeFront:

  • Upon request, the staff at HomeFront will provide a sample press release that your company can modify to meet its needs, as well as photos to accompany your release.
  • Company representatives will be afforded the opportunity to participate with HomeFront teams on actual repair projects or to form a team of their own.
  • Highly visible stickers bearing a donor company's name and logo may be placed on product for increased recognition upon arrival and distribution at final destination.
  • Long-term supporters will enjoy a link from our website, and a company logo, and be listed as a Major Sponsor.

Tax Advantages

Upon receiving a donation, HomeFront provides donors with a letter confirming receipt. Tax benefits are at the discretion of each donor, in consultation with your tax advisor and/or legal department.

Guidelines for Donating

Our decision to accept a product donation is based on several factors, foremost among them is the need for the product. If you require specifics, please contact lvalenti@homefrontprogram.org.