HomeFront has opportunities for every kind of person. The only tool required is a desire to give back. Whether you have home repair skills or other talents, you can help us to make a positive difference in your community.

  • For 28 years and counting, HomeFront has organized thousands of volunteers to fix up homes in need during HomeFront Day, the first Saturday of May each year.
  • The majority of HomeFront Day volunteers are affiliated with a corporation, faith-based group, or civic organization.
  • Many HomeFront Day volunteers are also do-it-yourselfer enthusiasts or skilled contractors working in the building or remodeling trades.
  • In some cases, individual volunteers with talents other than home repair are needed to supplement HomeFront teams. If you would like to be a “reinforcement volunteer” on HomeFront Day, please contact us at info@homefontprogram.org.
  • The most powerful way to make a difference is for individuals to consider whether their employer, church, civic group or circle of friends can form a team.

Year-round volunteer opportunities abound at HomeFront for Individuals. To learn more, click here.