Product Wish List

A Call to Help

Below is a list of our most urgent needs. A donation of product to HomeFront is a great way to reduce costs associated with elimination of product returns, outdated packaging and soon-to-expire supplies, while getting a tax advantage and supporting a good cause. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Shipping to Our Main Warehouse in Stamford, CT

HomeFront maintains a warehouse in southwestern Connecticut year round. HomeFront asks that donors pay the transportation cost to our warehouse. Our Operations department will see that your donation of product or supplies gets to where it is needed most. The shipping cost to us is tax deductible as a contributory service. HomeFront is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (Please consult your tax advisor for specific information.)

Please note that all shipments to our warehouse are by appointment only. To schedule, and for address and directions, contact Fletcher Watton, Program Director at or phone 203-658-9585 with your proposed delivery date and time. Be sure to include your work and cell phones and indicate the best time to reach you and which number is preferred. Fletcher will get back to you, usually within four business days. For more details or if you have a specific question, please contact Fletcher at the email or phone number listed above.

Along with the following targets for individual items, HomeFront is also accepting pledges of support for materials on an as needed basis from retail suppliers and distributors.

APPLIANCES Quantity Notes
electric ranges 3 New Only
gas ranges 3 New Only
refrigerators 2 New Only
dishwashers 2 New Only
garbage disposals 5 New Only


ELECTRICAL Quantity Notes
14/2 romex wire 50 Full rolls
12/2 romex wire 50 Full rolls
single pole switch/plate 100 New Only
duplex outlets/plates 100 New Only
100–200 amp service 10 Panel and breakers


FLOORING Quantity Notes
VCT (glue down) 1,000 sq ft New unopened cases
glue for VCT 50 gallons New unopened cases
12" x 12" self-stick 2,000 sq ft white/grey/dark brown — full cases only
12'-0" vinyl rolls assorted 10 12'-0" or longer
cove base boxes (48lf/box) 50 Brown and Black
ceramic tile all types and sizes pledge As Needed Basis
carpet pledge New only—As Needed Basis
laminate wood/faux wood 5,000 sq ft Non-adhesive type
T&G strip oak pledge As Needed Basis


air gun nails 100 All types and all brands of guns—full boxes only
common and finish 100 All types—full boxes only
decking screws 100 Boxes for exterior use only


LOCKSETS Quantity Notes
passage chrome 100 Complete kits—adj. backsets
passage brass 200 Complete kits—adj. backsets
privacy brass 200 Complete kits—adj. backsets
privacy chrome 200 Complete kits—adj. backsets
brass main entry w/ deadbolt 150 Complete kits—adj. backsets
brass side entry 150 Complete kits—adj. backsets
chrome entry w/ deadbolt 50 Complete kits—adj. backsets


LUMBER Quantity Notes
plywood all types and sizes pledge As Needed Basis
pressure treated pledge As Needed Basis
framing stock pledge As Needed Basis
trim and finish pledge As Needed Basis
siding pledge As Needed Basis


PAINT: no oil base Quantity Notes
exterior white semi-gloss 200 gals Unopened cans
exterior flat white 500 gals Unopened cans
alkyd fast dry primer 100 gals Unopened cans
grey porch & floor enamel 100 gals Unopened cans
interior flat white ceiling paint 200 gals Unopened cans
interior flat white 250 gals Unopened cans
interior white semi-gloss 250 gals Unopened cans
interior off-white flat 250 gals Unopened cans
interior off-white semi-gloss 250 gals Unopened cans
interior white eggshell/satin 250 gals Unopened cans


2.5" pull paint scraper 500 New or used is “OK”
4” putty knife 500 New or used is “OK”
4" to 18" taping knife 500 New or used is “OK”
3" paint brushes 1,000 New Only
4" paint brushes 4,000 New Only
construction adhesive (small tubes) 300 New Only
construction adhesive large 100 New Only
masking tape 1,000 New Only
painters tape all sizes 1,000 New Only
mp clear caulk 1,200 New Only
mp white caulk 1,200 New Only
plastic drop cloths 5,000 New Only
rolls of real plastic 22,000 ft 10 ft wide or better rolls
painters caulk 500 New Only
roller covers 1,500 1/2" to 1" nap
spackle interior/exterior gallons 50 New Only
spackle interior/exterior quarts 50 New Only
sandpaper coarse 5,000 sheets New Only
sandpaper fine 5,000 sheets New Only
sandpaper medium 5,000 sheets New Only
wire brushes 750 New or used is “OK”
wood filler quart 100 New Only
glazing compound pts 100 New unopened cans
glazing compound qts 100 New unopened cans
glazing point (50 pts/box) 150 Full boxes or bulk quantity is “OK”


PLUMBING Quantity Notes
2 pc white round toilet 12" rough 10 New Only
8" kitchen faucet w/spray 50 Complete kits—new only
8" kitchen faucet no spray 50 Complete kits—new only
tub/shower valves 40 Complete kits—new only
12" to 18" toilet or sink supply 40 New Only
22" x 25" S.S.kit. sink bowl 50 New Only
1-1/2" and 2” P-traps 50 New Only
toilet tank valve kits 25 New Only
wax seal and bolts 25 New Only
gas/oil/elec hot water heater pledge As Needed Basis
bath surround kits 30 For 5'-0" tubs
cast iron/steel/fg tubs pledge As Needed Basis
fiber glass tub/shower units pledge As Needed Basis
gas/oil fired boilers pledge As Needed Basis
gas/oil furnaces pledge As Needed Basis
handicap fixtures pledge As Needed Basis


ROOFING Quantity Notes
8-24" wide roll alum. 50' 40 New Materials only
#15 felt 100 New Materials only
3" roof boot 10 New Materials only
4" roof boot 10 New Materials only
drip edge 10'-0" 100 New Materials only
rake edge 10'-0" 200 New Materials only
rolls fire & ice shield 50 New Materials only
roofing tar brushes 20 New Materials only
step flashing 5"x7"alum. 1,000 New Materials only
roofing nails 100 lbs Various sizes full boxes only
aluminum gutters and parts 100 Brown and white
fiberglass/asphalt shingles 200square Pledge—as needed basis


SAFETY Quantity Notes
smoke alarms 200 New with battery
gloves 5,000 All sizes painting/work
N95 dust masks 20,000 New Only
grab bars 200 All types and sizes


SIDING/SHINGLES (wood) Quantity Notes
R & R #1 perfections bundles 50 Full bundles/boxes R&R western red cedar
Starter coarse shingles 4 Full bundles/boxes only